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Choose the diabetes program that will best help you

Choose the program that will best help you 

If you have Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or borderline prediabetes we have a personalised program just for you.
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Type 2 Diabetes 
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Type 1 Diabetes 
Jim T

"My blood sugar levels used to be all over the place - not anymore. With Dr Linjawi at the wheel, achieving a satisfactory outcome is a breeze for me."
Joy D

"I have lost 3kgs, joined the gym with a personal trainer for support and am testing my BGLs 3-4 times daily. I took a graph of my results to my GP and he was very impressed. I am hoping my next HBA1c result (March) will be back in the normal range!"
Anna G
I am enjoying the graphs and watching my marker line going down when I record my weight and waist measurements. Thank you for being such a forward thinking doctor who truly cares that people understand themselves and their conditions and doesn't just advise as a form of lip service
Carolyn M
"This is a must for all diabetic and prediabetics. The subject is explained in an easy to understand way."
Dr Sultan Linjawi
Endocrinologist and Diabetes Specialist
"I see my patients every month, sometimes every several months and I realised that I couldn’t be there 24/7 to help and guide them. There needed to be a way for them to take control of their diabetes. That is why I developed this 12 week program. You can now take control of your own diabetes and be empowered to make a difference in your own life. I will be there along the journey but you now have a means to also help yourself."
Dr. Sultan Linjawi currently practices in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


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